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Born Feminist
Born Feminist

Born Feminist

Norway’s most famous feminist, Marta Breen, is the author of many books including “How to be a Feminist” and “Women in Battle”. She travels the world talking about equality and feminism, especially its Scandinavian model. In this episode, Marta talks about her mom Elisabeth who took part in Norway’s feminist movement in the ‘70s and shares her lessons on the importance of getting involved as an activist, on self-sufficiency, and on teaching our children by modeling ethics. We also learn about Norway’s recent history, its communist movement in the ‘70s, and its current ways of supporting women. You can find Marta's graphic novel on history of feminism "Fearless Females" here.  To learn more about Marta, please visit her Wikipedia page.  To contact Ana, please send your mail to: info@thankyoumama.net For more about “Thank You, Mama" and to subscribe to the newsletter, please visit: http://www.thankyoumama.net
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