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With my Witches
With my Witches

With my Witches

TV Presenter and Voice Coach, Jasmin Gonzales, just published her first book “We are the Daughters of the Witches You Couldn’t Burn”. Jasmin had a very difficult childhood, marked by physical and psychological abuse, alcoholism and mental disease. In this episode, she talks openly about her German mom Greta Marie, who suffered from manic depression, and shares lessons she learned from her. We learn about the importance of self-care, especially of taking care of one’s mental health; about why it’s important to follow your dreams, especially as a mother; and about asking for help being a sign of strength, not weakness. Jasmin also talks about the witch hunt, both throughout the history, and in current times. As you will hear, in spite of all the challenges Jasmin met in life, her optimism, strength and joy are contagious.  You can learn more about Jasmin and her book on her website, or find her on social media.  To contact Ana, please send your mail to: info@thankyoumama.net For more about “Thank You, Mama" and to subscribe to the newsletter, please visit: http://www.thankyoumama.net    
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