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Black Father Salute!
Black Father Salute!

Black Father Salute!

BTU Salutes Black Fathers! Let's discuss what makes Black men so amazing that we must stand for them. Black men are:ProvidersProtectorsVulnerableLovingPresentGrab a writing utensil and some paper to take notes. We have your "Prescription to Positivity"...Session Starts Now!**Tell a Black man you love them and you have their back! Black Men, Black Therapy Uncensored salutes you!Buzzsprout...the best way to launch a professional podcastFollowing the link let's Buzzsprout know we sent you, gets you a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for a paid plan, and helps support our show. Happy Podcasting!https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=759433
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