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Feed Drop: Coming Home
 Here at Immigrantly, I believe in creating a safe space for authentic storytelling. Most stories are built on our platform but sometimes from other sources. And today, we are doing just that. We will share an episode called Coming Home from a podcast we love from the UCLA Labor Center called Re: Work. A group of undocumented youth cross the border from the US into Mexico to cross back and turn themselves into border patrol. Why would you do something that would so blatantly risk you ever being able to come into this country again? We follow the story of one courageous young person, Luis Leon, and the journey that took him from a small town in North Carolina to the border crossing in Laredo, TX. Find Re: Work wherever you get your podcasts.  the link to the Re-Work podcast! Be sure to give them a review and follow the podcast. Join the conversation: Instagram | Twitter |  Please share the love and leave us a review on  to help more people find us!     
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