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Chess moves 2021
Chess moves 2021

Chess moves 2021

Mr. Anderson is a jack of many trades! Anderson is a Columbia University graduate and a classically trained vocalist and producer. After some years in his chosen career path, the pull to become a life coach wasn’t something he could ignore!  Anderson then restructured his life professionally so that he could fully immerse himself in the preparation necessary to establish himself outside his circle of influence as a leading voice in the life coach space.  Since doing so, Anderson has done the work and was brave enough to go toe to toe with his demons. As a result, of his own story of triumph he is able to emphatically say that the exercises he lays out for his clients isn’t something he has just gleaned through traditional study methods. Rather, Anderson speaks with an authority and clarity that can only come from experience coupled with his astute grasp of the curriculum he embarked upon to become licensed as a life coach.   Anderson has helped countless clients take control of their lives! It is my belief, that Anderson will only continue to do greater things especially in the space of supporting clients through helping them to adopt tools to have better coping strategies when life gets difficult. He is a huge proponent of doing the work and has done so himself which adds not only to his credibility but has aided in expanding his empathy for others.  I am most honored to have Mr. Anderson as a guest on this weeks episode of Womanhood Decoded! Anderson dropped so many gems! This is an episode you won’t want to miss!  Podcast theme music by @corei.taylor  ***Join me on Patreon for exclusive content, podcast merchandise and much more! Just download the Patreon App and type in Womanhood Decoded! Support this podcast
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