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Pregnancy Abroad
Pregnancy Abroad

Pregnancy Abroad

In this episode of, Flourish in the Foreign, listen to past podcast guests share their personal experiences being pregnant and abroad.   This Episode Covers: IVF Journey in Singapore (Season 1 Episode 28) Pregnant in Kenya & Guinea (Season 1 Episode 27) Pregnant in France (Season 1 Episode 20) Having A Baby in Hungary (Season 1 Episode 45) Having A Baby in Atlanta vs. Having A Baby in Hong Kong (Season 1, Episode 2) Deciding To Have A Baby in Italy Instead of the US  (Season 2 Episode 7) Having A Baby Abroad ( Season 2 Episode 2 ) Being Pregnant in Paris During COVID (Season 1, Episode 48) Having A Baby Alone in China (Season 2 Episode 9)   Episode Credits: Christine Job-Creator & Host Zachary Higgs-Theme Music     SUPPORT THE PODCAST Like this episode? Love the podcast? Please Buy Me a Coffee   End-of-Year Deals Move Abroad with Intention Course- SELF STUDY: $397 (expires December 31st, 2022) Move Abroad with Intention Course - LIVE Discussion: $595 (expires December 31st, 2022) Build A Business Abroad Group Coaching (LIMITED to 10 participants)     Check out these resources: WOC Podcasters Insiders Membership* Moving Abroad with Intention Guide Build a Business Abroad Guide   *Affiliate links support this podcast and website at no extra cost to you! I appreciate your support! Flourishintheforeign.com ChristineJob.com
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