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The Breast Talk Ever with entrepreneur Dana Donofree:  AnaOno Intimates
In 2010 Dana Donofree was a 27 year old living a rock star life with a fashion design career that had her flying all over the world.  She was killing it in the fashion industry. A breast cancer diagnosis created a snag in Dana’s life, but she didn’t’ allow it to unravel her career. She was inspired by it.  Dana couldn’t find a bra that comfortably fit after her Bilateral mastectomy, so she designed one. When Dana realized she wasn’t alone and there was a gaping hole in the market, she decided to create intimates and a supportive community designed by and for breast cancer survivors, metavivors and previvors. A decade after selling the first bra, AnaOna and Dana Donofree are thriving, continue to double business year over year, sell out collections and premier annually at NY Fashion week in partnership with Metavivor. SUBSCRIBE & TAKE A LISTEN ON APPLE PODCAST, SPOTIFY, STITCHER OR WHEREVER YOU LISTEN THE BREAST TALKERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOW THE BREAST TALK EVER:Instagram | @thebreasttalkeverFacebook | @thebreasttalkeverTwitter | @breasttalkever#thebreasttalkever FOLLOW LATONYAInstagram | @coachlatonya FOLLOW ANAONOInstagram | @anaonoTwitter | @anaono  The Breast Talk Ever is created, produced and hosted by LaTonya DavisAudio Engineering by Eric Begay of Podfly ProductionsTheme Song and Music Scoring is Gene Paul GayolBass Guitar on Theme Song is by my nephson Jayden Holmes Thank you to Mentor for supporting The Breast Talk Ever.A heartfelt extra special Thank you to David Sigalow, Guy Raz, Podfly: Corey Coates, David Gregerson, Frances Harlow, Winfield Ezell, Jr., Jeff Fensterer, Dina Scaglione, Mikaela Silcox, Jedrix Aquino,  
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