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5. Treasure on the Beach
In this episode, I'm sharing an AHA nugget that reminded me of my true worth and value, when I was so completely down and out that i couldn’t even see the value of the things that were right in front of my nose.  We all have those moments where we feel totally helpless, hopeless and forsaken. Let this be your reminder that not only are you forsaken, but that you are being transported to that next level that only the Courageous and Unstoppable version of you can hande. You are being moulded. And if you need concrete evidence, do the exercise I talk about in this podcast episode and share with me what you discovered. Waiting to hear your own mindblowing revelations Connect with LisaBethWebsite: www.outwittingfear.comLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisabeth-thomas-985b581
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